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    Graphic card


      I have a Hp Computer suppose to be design to play games I play W.O.W.. a lot .. Now I have a Radeon  hd 7770 graphic card after 3 yrs its making a wiening noise loudly.. I know I have to replace it cause it  coming up say Display has stopped  but recovered.. doing this a lot when I play w.o.w .. so I need to place it . my ? is what is the best card  for Play  a RPg game   with in  normal pricing .. remind I have clean the graphic card completely and the water cooled fans on the computer

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          Hello budmantx,


          If you have had your card for 3 years and it is currently making loud, weird noises and causing your display drivers to stop responding, it could be something as simple as overheating.
          Have you taken a look at it to make sure your fan is spinning and free from dust? Using a can of compressed air can help as well.
          If the system hasn't been cleaned in a while that could be your problem.
          You can check temperatures as well with varying software such as AMD's own Catalyst Control Center under the performance tab or CPUID's HWMonitor.
          But from your symptoms alone and before rushing to get a new card if it is not necessary, that would be my personal guess and first thing to check.


          Good luck

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              tk for the reply. But I have done on that clean ever fan and the cooling unit(water cooled) the only time I have the issue is when there's lots of pull on the graphic card. that's when I play my game ( WOW) now surfing the internet is ok its fine ....I even clean the power supply to. The fan on the  hd 7770 is flowing freely but the wiening noise is what I was worrying about !