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Suggestions for MITX/HTPC build?

Question asked by cavemanthe0ne on Nov 6, 2015
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Thinking about building an HTPC for my family, needs to be able to run games decently on a 1280x720 60hz TV. Other than that, budget will likely be $300-$550 (would like to stay around $400 but could probably go a bit higher).


I was maybe thinking getting an A10-7870k, or maybe the Athlon X4 760k+ r7 250, what are your thoughts or recommendations? I might opt for a Pentium K (I could get one for cheap from Microcenter) but Lga 1150 MITX boards are way expensive .)   Also, whats a good MITX case? I haven't really payed any attention to cases other than the random Corsair news so idk which ones are good/bad/ugly to work with.