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OpenCL 2.0 SVM Atomics on Tonga chips

Question asked by alexghrin on Nov 6, 2015
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I'm wondering if R9 380 GPUs are supposed to offer support for SVM atomic operations and fine grained systems.

My current setup is: Intel i7 3770K + AMD R9 380, Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit and AMD Catalyst 5.11 beta. I've tried using Catalyst 15.7.1 and 15.10 before this.

Some hopefully relevant fragments of clInfo output:


Number of platforms: 1
  Platform Profile: FULL_PROFILE
  Platform Version: OpenCL 2.0 AMD-APP (1800.11)
  Platform Name: AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing
  Platform Vendor: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
  Platform Extensions: cl_khr_icd cl_khr_d3d10_sharing cl_khr_d3d11_sharing cl_khr_dx9_media_sharing cl_amd_event_callback cl_amd_offline_devices
Platform Name: AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing
Number of devices: 2
  Device Type:  CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU
  Vendor ID:  1002h
  Board name:  AMD Radeon (TM) R9 380 Series
  Device Topology: PCI[ B#1, D#0, F#0 ]
SVM capabilities:
Coarse grain buffer:Yes
Fine grain buffer: Yes
Fine grain system: No
Atomics:  No

  Preferred platform atomic alignment:   0

  Preferred global atomic alignment:   0

  Preferred local atomic alignment:   0


So SVM atomics seems to be unsupported but this AMD support page mentions:

Highlights of AMD OpenCL 2.0 Driver

  • Support OpenCL 2.0 Core Features:
    • Shared Virtual Memory – Coarse Grain
    • C1x atomics and memory ordering
    • Pipes
    • Precision for Math built-in native functions
    • Program Scope Variables
    • Subgroups
    • New built-in functions
    • Generic Address Space
    • Images
    • Flexible ND-Range
    • Dynamic Parallelism


Is this a genuine limitation of the chip or an issue with my setup?