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Boot Camp drivers in Windows 10 and low fps

Question asked by st1led on Nov 6, 2015

I have a Early 2011 MBP with a Radeon HD 6490. I am using the latest Boot Camp drivers (15.201.1301: Apple Boot Camp Software Graphics Drivers) in Windows 10 x64 and I am experiencing agonizingly low fps (5-20) in games. Googling around I found that several people have this same issue, but all questions are nearly unanswered. I'm sure the video card is still capable of running most games smoothly, because in Windows 8.1 everything is running fine.


I also tried whatever other driver I could install, but nothing changed. I tried both the 15.201.1151.0, the latest official AMD drivers, and the which are delivered with the Apple Bootcamp 5.1 on the apple website. Is there something we can do, or do we have to wait for new drivers?