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    Dual Graphics Problem


      Hi,...Buy a r7 250 for dual graphics with my a10 7850k, but it worked really gta v use with disastrous results, I was disappointed, very few tables, much even lowering the level of graphics option, then only the probe r7 250 gta v would surprise me option could put almost all graphics in high and very high and is well, almost no lag, as is this possible?

      in my case better walk the plate msi r7 250 c single to dual graphics, it's really ironic.

      Aposte to dual graphics and lost, if I knew it was so would buy a r9.



      amd a10-7850k

      msi a78m-e35

      msi c r7 250 2gb ddr3

      DDR3 RAM (2x4) 8g 1600mhz


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          Hi ricardo amor,


          If i understand correctly, you are unhappy with the level of performance offered by your A10-7850K and R7 250 in GTA V.


          GTA V is a very demanding game, especially on the CPU so what you might be seeing with your setup is negative CrossFire scaling from dual graphics. In this situation, and as you may have already discovered, it may actually be beneficial to use the R7 250 as single graphics adapter rather than running it through dual graphics.


          In order to get the best possible performane in GTA V i would recommend you do the following.


          1. Ensure you are playing the game in Full Screen Mode as dual graphics will not function in Windowed or Borderless Windowwed Mode.

          2. Ensure your Windows OS is fully up to date.

          3. Ensure you are not running any background applications which could be using up vital CPU cycles. You can use Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del keys) to check for any background applications that are using a lot of CPU cycles.

          4. Lower all graphics options in GTA V to their lowest. Additionally, try lowering the resolution as well.

          5. Ensure you are using the latest Motherboard bios and chipset drivers for your system.

          6. Use Catalyst 15.11 Beta drivers available from www.amd.com/drivers.


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              First of all thank you very much for your reply, I tell him that I will perform, on the other hand the changes and acosenjadas tests will say that I have run the basic 3DMark11 and Realize the test in r7 250 GPU and Dual Graphics and resutado was with R7 GPU p2537 Dual Graphics and 3748 but the test had a striking difference in the combined physical tests (PS) and (CS), in GS GPU R7 CS 2363 3726 2408 PS and PS Dual Graphics GS 4150 3561 2283 CS clearly a loss in these.