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Dual Graphics Problem

Question asked by dionisio on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by dionisio

Hi,...Buy a r7 250 for dual graphics with my a10 7850k, but it worked really gta v use with disastrous results, I was disappointed, very few tables, much even lowering the level of graphics option, then only the probe r7 250 gta v would surprise me option could put almost all graphics in high and very high and is well, almost no lag, as is this possible?

in my case better walk the plate msi r7 250 c single to dual graphics, it's really ironic.

Aposte to dual graphics and lost, if I knew it was so would buy a r9.



amd a10-7850k

msi a78m-e35

msi c r7 250 2gb ddr3

DDR3 RAM (2x4) 8g 1600mhz