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    AMD AMF crashes on R7 260X GPU


      I tried to post in Media SDK forum but can not. However, I already have posts in past so it is strange that forum consider me as new comer. But well, you can just move that post to Media SDK.

      We have several troubles with AMD GPUs in our products - XSplit Broadcaster / XSplit Gamecaster and it is good to be able to report them. Our report that was made long time ago regarding surface sharing in Direct3D have no answer still (FYI NVidia don't have that issue). We also have some crashes when using DXVA2 on AMD GPU. This will be good if we can send crash dumps somehow to AMD for investigation.


      But current report is regarding AMD AMF. We see "driver stops responding and was restored" message during AMD AMF initialization on R7 260X GPU and something hangs in AMD dlls (function never return). This happens with 15.7.1 driver and also with latest 15.10 beta (I tried this in Win10 x64). We tried on several computers and that issue happens on all of them. But everything works fine with GPU like HD 7770. Our component calls following functions related to AMD AMF and issue happens in AMFCreateComponent call.

      AMF_ERROR( AMFCreateContext(&m_pContext) );

      AMF_ERROR( m_pContext->InitDX11(m_deviceDX11.GetDevice()) ); // or DX9

      AMF_ERROR( AMFCreateComponent(m_pContext, AMFVideoEncoderVCE_AVC, &pEncoder) );

      You can easily reproduce with any XSplit Broadcaster or Gamecaster installation (you only need to install it, no need to run). Just run VCE probe in CMD console using following command (you can see some debug info in DbgView):

      "c:\Program Files (x86)\SplitmediaLabs\XSplit Broadcaster\VHMultiWriterExt2.exe" h264vce2enc_probe

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          Greetings vladimir,


          just so that you do not waste your time. What you are asking about is a very well known issue that nearly forever has plagued owners of R7 260X cards (myself included). I also had previously an 7770 and the VCE functionality just worked. The 260X has a newer and more powerful VCE but I don't know the reason why it doesn't work. It seems related specially to this kind of model because other models have the same VCE version but most of the complaints I've seen are about the 260X.


          Not so long ago there was a thread asking about video APIs and the issues with the 260X were put again on the spotlight.


          I think AMD should already now about the issue but I don't have the slightest idea why this has not been solved already. Since I bought my 260X I have been absolutely unable to use the VCE functionality. I have the latest 15.11 beta and it still doesn't work.

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              Hi jvsala,


              It is hard to get some support from AMD. For example, our old post unanswered still - URGENT: switchable graphics and resources sharing

              With this issue we even unable to run our software on AMD dGPU on laptops. So this is very critical issue for us (it is good that NVidia and Intel provide good support and solve issues that we find).

              Currently we between two fires. If we open VCE support in our software, some users (with R7 260x and maybe some other cards that we don't know yet) will experience driver crashes and this will affect reputation of our software. We need to know that user's computer supports VCE, so during this check application will crash driver even if VCE is not used. From another point of view, there free software that have VCE support already and this affects reputation of our software again. In my opinion, if there some function available (and it is not basic functionality) - it must work, or it must be blocked/disabled if it doesn't work. So application can choose different strategy.

              The only solution I see today if AMD don't solve this issue is to collect list of GPUs where driver crashes and disable VCE if GPU from that list detected.

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              Hi Vladimir,


              As we changed the forum hosting platform, posts subsequent to the change have required moderation -- but only once. I have white-listed you, so now you should be able to post in any of the AMD dev forums without the posts requiring moderation.

              I am moving this post to the Media SDK forum -- where the experts should help.



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                Hi Vladimir,


                We were able to fix one of our test R7 260x models (XFX) by updating the Video BIOS to a newer version. See Known Hardware Acceleration Issues - AVBlocks Wiki for more details on how to do it.


                It seems most R7 will require also an updated Video BIOS to work with the latest AMD drivers.



                Valentin Kantchev


                To AMD developers:


                If you are following this thread, it will be nice if you could help us with some information about Vendor / Video BIOS / Driver compatibility. For example is there a list of vendors / models you use for VCE testing? If you could provide such information, we can test with the same vendors / models and also recommend them to our customers.