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    Problem with video on A4-6300


      When installing Windows, video works fine without drivers, after installing the drivers periodically disappears video for a few seconds. Bios updated and nothing happens. Motherboard Asrock FM2A75M-DGS

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          Hi Андрей Евстафьев,


          If i understand your message correctly, you are losing the display picture after installing the AMD drivers? I'm not entirely sure if i understand you correctly. Please can you provide a little more information about the issue you are having?


          What are your full system specifications?


          What AMD Driver version are you using?


          What WIndows OS are you using and is it fully up to date?


          Has this ever worked correctly? If so what has changed?


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            What bios version do you have?

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              Operating system Windows 10 (fully updated), driver version AMD Catalyst™ 15.7, Bios version 2.60. Without drivers video works normal, after instalation periodically disappears video


              Имя ОС    Майкрософт Windows 10 Pro

              Версия    10.0.10240 Сборка 10240

              Тип    Компьютер на базе x64

              SKU системы    To Be Filled By O.E.M.

              Процессор    AMD A4-6300 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 4264 МГц, ядер: 1, логических процессоров: 2

              Версия BIOS    American Megatrends Inc. P2.60, 11.07.2013

              Версия SMBIOS    2.7

              Версия встроенного контроллера    255.255

              Режим BIOS    Устаревший

              Изготовитель основной платы    ASRock

              Установленная оперативная память (RAM)    4,00 ГБ

              Полный объем физической памяти    3,95 ГБ

              Доступно физической памяти    2,11 ГБ

              Всего виртуальной памяти    4,64 ГБ

              Доступно виртуальной памяти    2,40 ГБ

              Размер файла подкачки    704 МБ

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                How does video dissapear?Does it trigger a black screen?If it does,does the GPU lose contact with the monitor(does the monitor display a message such as power test ok,or check cable),does it trigger a blue screen,does the display turn black but with the backlight on?

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                  Then it might be a power plan issue.Set the Powerplan to high performance and change the display timeout to never.If you encounter issue please post back,I will guide you step by step.