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Eyefinity Display Group Crashed After Windows Update

Question asked by fostebrian on Nov 5, 2015

I have a single RADEON 290X with a 3 X 1 horizontal monitor grouping. I have an additional monitor centered above the three horizontal that is connected to the motherboard/CPU graphics. Everything was working fine for the past few weeks, using the most current beta drivers, then Windows pushed another auto update last night (Today is 5 Nov 2015)...those jerks, lol


I awoke to a PC running (this is bad, as my PC sleeps quite well). I clicked the mouse and my 3 X 1 group is no more. One of the three monitors is black, One is displaying at very poor/large resolution, one is displaying normal resolution. I verified a Windows update WAS pushed last night and I failed in my attempt to reinstall from an old "system restore point".  Windows, flat out failed/errored out.


I am very frustrated as the "detect monitors" feature and saved groupings never work correctly; all the monitors and reassembling the grouping is not possible. I assume I will need to delete all AMD software and drivers, then reinstall the old standard July AMD graphics suite. I am getting very frustrated at this process, it is very time consuming. I am referring to any (AMD driver updates, Windows OS installation, certain Windows updates). I assemble my own gaming PC's, so I have basic knowledge but this process is very annoying. Nothing "just works" unless you spend a great deal of time redoing everything/every time.


Please AMD, make this process easier. Ask the customer to input the monitor configuration instead of assuming you have detected everything correctly. If the customer has 4 freaking monitors...believe them. Stop arguing and get on to resolving the "why" they are not being detected.


You force the customer to work around your software instead of the other way around. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID (KISS). Example:

How many monitors are you using? How many are connected to the graphic card? Input each monitor make/model and screen size? What type of cable connection are you using for XYZ? How many groupings are you trying to achieve? What formation are you trying to achieve?  Now move each onscreen monitor icon to the correct location according to the ID number? DONE! You dont have to ask this ever again unless a hardware change is made. WHY DO I NEED TO FIGHT EVERY TIME THE DAMN SOFTWARE or DRIVERS IS CHANGED? It's not like the software actually works when I save a configuration and try to implement it after a crash/update/ what is the point?


Yes, even though this is a Windows initiated event, AMD does bare some responsibility due to the complex and convoluted process of using a multi monitor/eyefinity display grouping.