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AMD HD 6800 black screen after an important windows 10 x64-system update - updated GPU driver and updated to AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 - still nothing

Question asked by micha on Nov 4, 2015

Hi everyone,


I was answering some Emails an hour ago while my Windows 10 updated a so called important x64-system update in the background.

After the update my 2 screens flickered and went black. I restarted my Computer and it booted fine. I could even log into Windows, then again black screen but the Computer was still running. I tried rebooting a couple of times.

From this moment on all I could see was the windows logo until the login screen normally pops up and everything was black.

The 2 monitors are connected via DVI and HDMI.


I disconnected both monitors and hooked one up to the onboard GPU. I got into Windows and updated my GPU drivers for my AMD HD 6800 and the catalyst to 15.7.1 (x64).

Unfortunately it didn't help. It seems as if the signal cuts off at the win login screen. fyi Everything works in safety mode


Any help would be highly appreciated.