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    Cardboard...... trrrrrrtle?


      This is my master PC. I call her my love because it's supplies my life. Her cosmetics are top grade amazon box cardboard with precision cut-outs and box to box fusion. She has a magnificent soul powered with the intel e3 1230 v3 in the center clocking three billion five hundred million times a second. Her short-term memory is a furious 16 gigs of Hyper X grade, tainted by her lovers greed for the 4 gig beast between. Her Mother is the female guru blessed by msi, her name? the z87-gd65, lover of gaming. Her long term memory that is showing signs of Alzheimer is owned by one trillion bytes of hard storage sided by two-hundred forty billion bytes of solid thought, tunneling on ten professionally made windows and this guy names Ubuntu?!... but i digress, i have my own faults for at the heart, there is what fills my lust for her, thanks to gigabyte and amd for suggestion, the 280x of wind attribute. She is my love, and i am proud to feed her 750w of gold grade cuisine prepared by rosewill... that coolermaster evo premium AC with 6 fans makes me go brrrrrr.



      CPUIntel e3 1230 v3
      CoolerCoolerMaster Evo 212
      MotherboardMSI z87-gd65-Gaming
      MemoryHyperX 2x8GB Fury DDR3 @1866 & 1x4gb Beast
      GraphicsGigabyte Windforce Radeon 280x @1100
      Disc Drive 1Samsung ~240gb msata
      Disc Drive 21TB hdd
      PSURosewill 750w gold
      CaseCustom Cardboard Frankenstein
      MonitorAsus 1080p 144hz + CTX 5:4