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280x Crossfire FPS Drop on 4k

Question asked by gilad215 on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2015 by Thanny

Hey guys,



just recently got my new 4k samsung monitor, which works great.

but i have massive fps drop on gaming while crossfire is on.



take a look at this:




Crossfire: ON



Playing Dota 2 (4k, no AA, Vsync OFF), Fps jumps between 30-40 fps, here is the gpu usagedota_cf.jpg



Watt drawn from wall 317W (Reminding i own a 850w SeaSonic Gold )




Crossfire : Off

Fps is about 65-70

GPU usage %100

Watt drawn from wall 320W :


on all the games i tested, crossfire decreased performance (1st GPU:40% Usage, 2nd GPU:100% Usage) Dota 2,CS:GO,DmC,GRID2,COD:AW



Heaven benchmark


Crossfire: ON


both gpu usage were above 90% and clocks were good. PSU was drawing 150w more than usual (450w), are these good news? now its a driver/profiles issue?


is 450w a legit draw for cf use?




It seems like we have a power issue, but i think my psu is strong enough, drawing 300w on cf is surely aint enough.

I'm gonna let you Experts help and save my day, Thank you.



System Spec


8GB @1600 DDR3

SeaSonic 850W Gold