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    280x Crossfire FPS Drop on 4k


      Hey guys,



      just recently got my new 4k samsung monitor, which works great.

      but i have massive fps drop on gaming while crossfire is on.



      take a look at this:



      ULPS : OFF

      Crossfire: ON



      Playing Dota 2 (4k, no AA, Vsync OFF), Fps jumps between 30-40 fps, here is the gpu usagedota_cf.jpg



      Watt drawn from wall 317W (Reminding i own a 850w SeaSonic Gold )




      Crossfire : Off

      Fps is about 65-70

      GPU usage %100

      Watt drawn from wall 320W :


      on all the games i tested, crossfire decreased performance (1st GPU:40% Usage, 2nd GPU:100% Usage) Dota 2,CS:GO,DmC,GRID2,COD:AW



      Heaven benchmark


      Crossfire: ON


      both gpu usage were above 90% and clocks were good. PSU was drawing 150w more than usual (450w), are these good news? now its a driver/profiles issue?


      is 450w a legit draw for cf use?




      It seems like we have a power issue, but i think my psu is strong enough, drawing 300w on cf is surely aint enough.

      I'm gonna let you Experts help and save my day, Thank you.



      System Spec


      8GB @1600 DDR3

      SeaSonic 850W Gold