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    Trying to connect fourth monitor to r9 270x


      I am currently attempting to add a fourth monitor, my TV, to my XFX R9 270x.

      Without the TV plugged in I have:


      Two monitors - DVI Ports

      One Monitor - HDMI Port

      (These are both directly on the GPU w/o using an adapter)


      I am attempting to add my fourth display, I purchased an active mini-DP to HDMI adapter but it still doesn't work. The TV will show the BIOS and the windows loading screen, but after that it doesn't show up. I was looking to see what I am doing wrong?

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          Hello,  We're sorry you are having issues with your setup.


          It sounds like the 4th monitor is hooked up incorrectly with a bad adapter or non-approved dongle.  What model is it? have you tried the other monitors adapter with the 4th monitor instead? 90% of the time, its a bad adapter, i would start there.  i've had 3 customers with bad adapters in the last 3 hours...  Must be something in the air today.


          Mark at XF