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Gigabyte Fury X attempts to go into Zero core mode, but cant.

Question asked by charlconradie on Nov 2, 2015



I have a Gigabyte Fury X


I Run Windows 10 - 64 bit


Hardware:  3770k

                  Gigabyte Z77 G1 Sniper 3

                  16 GB Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM @ 1600 MHz

                   Acer xg270hu 1440P, 144Hz Panel connected via Display Port


....And so on and so forth


My Power profile is set to turn my screen off after 5 minutes.


As soon as my screen switches off (After 5 minutes), the GPU attempts to go into Zero core mode after a minute or so.


But it cant.


As soon as it tries to go into Zero core, the Green LED flashes for n millisecond, the GPU shoots back up to 100% for a millisecond back to one red LED.


This causes the fan to shoot up for a brief moment as well.


This only happens once the screen is turned off by Windows. If I choose to leave the screen on, or set a blank screen saver, it does not happen.


Please do not suggest to reinstall drivers, reinstall custom components, completely remove drivers before reinstalling.. I HAVE DONE ALL THAT!


Any other suggestions or similar experiences would be greatly appreciated.


AMD, I really want to support you, I sold my 980ti for this card.. but geez all these little things are getting to me.


Kind Regards