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    R7 m260 or m260dx


      Hi Guys!


      I'm planning to buy a new laptop (Lenovo Z50-75) and i don't know what gpu is the better?

      I can choose between m260 or m260dx. I know that the m260dx is dual graphics but which one is the better for gaming?

      The laptop has fx-7500 cpu, 8gb 1600 ddr3 ram and 500 gb hdd.

        • Re: R7 m260 or m260dx

          M260dx is slightly better since it improves the memory performance of your gpu by sharing with the RAM+VRAM compare to m260 who only uses VRAM.

          Both m260 and m260dx are equal. the m260dx will be having less interrupted loading and will be more reliable  if the actually dual crossfire worked .

          When it comes to gaming, these GPU's are not recommended.