How can I get Google Sketchup to anti-alias most smoothly? (AMD Radeon HD 6570)

Discussion created by ship69 on Nov 2, 2015
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I am using Google Sketchup (latest version) running on Window 8.1 and AMD Radeon HD 6570, with latest AMD Catalyst Control Center suite.


How can I get it Sketchup to anti-alias in real time properly?


If I go Sketchup ==> Window ==> Preferences ==> OpenGL ==> and then select Anti-Alias x4, I do at least get SOME anti-aliasing. However it's still pretty rough - and nothing like as clear as the supef-fast Xara Designer Pro X10 software that I have been using (or similar for over a decade!)






Fwiw, I also tried making changes in AMD Catalyst Control Center ==> Gaming ==> 3D applications. However nothing there seems to have any effect




Many thanks