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      Getting this error after 2 days of no issues on windows 10, Running a R9 380 Graphics card, on the latest drivers and latest windows update. Fresh install of windows 10 as well. Whats the solution. There is no reason a new graphics card shouldn't be compatible with windows 10.

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          - What you mean by "error". Do you get BSOD? If you do, what error message it displays when you get it?

          - Did this problem start occuring after installing new AMD graphic drivers and Catalyst Control Center?

          - How do you know it is atikmdag.sys that's causing it? I mean have you used software like Nirsoft's BlueScreenViewer? If not, download it and post what it says. Or any software that displays mindump files (=crash logs).


          I may be able to help you, I just fixed my BSOD issue with atikmdag.sys which started to occur after installing gpu drivers and Catalyst Control Center. I have AMD A8-7100 Radeon R5 & AMD Radeon R7 M265 & Windows 10. Different gpu than yours, but if the problem is the same, I hope I can help.