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    Red Lightning



      My hardware is:

      Cpu: AMD FX 9590 4.7ghz BLack Edition

      Motherboard: Asus Crosshair formula-Z

      W.cooling: Corsair H100i

      Memory:  16GB kingston hyperX 2133mhz cl10

      Case: antec nineteen hundred red

      PSU: Sapphire Pure 1050w

      SsD: kingston V300 128gb

      GPU: sapphire R9 290x bf4 Edition

      HDD: WD 1TB blue 7200rpm 6gb

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          Nice rig, good color combo, white & black!

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            Nice rig! that case looks really cool, It looks really good for modding. Do you have any more pics of your rig?

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              That's a nice, powerful and clean build, nice work!


              I'd change that PSU ASAP though. Best case scenario is that it'll work more or less ok until the trash caps die, worst case is it dies quite spectacularly and takes other hardware with it. I've seen the Arkangel series PSUs kill quite a few motherboards, GPUs and HDDs. They shouldn't be like fire-hazard bad like what LC-Power PSUs used to be though, that one is a CWT built unit instead of Great Wall or Huntkey. CWT has come a long way since Antec schooled them for the bombs they made, but unfortunately despite having a decently designed platform, LC cheaped out on the caps for example and I understand there's a problem with the fan rpm being too low causing heat issues, making it more and more unreliable and dangerous for your other hardware in the long run.


              I'd never recommend cheaping out on the PSU. It's pretty much the most important component in your system. I'd also never recommend buying a PSU you can't find proper reviews of. You have a very powerful and power hungry system, so I'd definitely buy a high quality PSU for it. That "850w" unit can only provide a bit over 700w on the 12v rail max (and that's if you believe their documentation), and it has probably gone down if you've had it for a while. If you'd like assistance picking a new unit, I'd be glad to help. If you want to find proper professional grade reviews, jonnyguru is the place to go.


              All I want is people to get good power supplies for their high-end gaming rigs.

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                Very clean build. Nice!