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AMD Catalyst Driver 15.7.1 install HDD lock?

Question asked by gamingluigi on Nov 2, 2015

I install a fresh windows 10 to my new pc and i go to install latest drivers and it happens to be the 15.7.1 version. I read a lot of problems on may devices, but i balls up and install it. MY pc goes to restart to install the new drivers and behold "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key." is the only thing that comes up. I then restart my computer and go into BIOS and realize that my drives are all there but for some reason it wont boot. I insert my windows 10 install drive and then go to troubleshoot. I cant do anything without getting the error "Drive where Windows is Installed is Locked." So i do some fiddling i get it to revert my pc or what ever and get it back up and running. Thought it was a fluke and reinstalled the Drivers not knowing it was the cause. It happens again the same way. But this time i cant do anything to unlock my drive so i try everything even the bootrecs and i even add and repair a boot manager, nothing. So i sucked it up and reinstalled windows 10 clean and installed the drivers for my gpu off the disk this time being version 13.251A. Going to keep it here for the time until someone figures out the issue i dont want to spend everyday reinstalling windows 10. Any conformation will help. Not just for me but for anyone else having this issue