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    Pixelated lighting effects in Diablo 3 with 15.10


      Graphics Card
      AMD Radeon 6770M (Switchable graphics) + Intel HD 3000


      AMD Catalyst Driver Version, and Driver History


      Operating System
      - Windows 10 Pro 64Bits


      Issue Details

      I used to have my BIOS settings to Fixed graphics mode and swap manually via CCC to the dedicated GPU if I wanted to play Diablo 3.

      However Windows 10 does not ssem to support fixed mode anymore. Even if  the BIOS states it is set to Fixed mode. Sso I am stuck with dynamic mode now.

      Now when I am running Diablo 3, I get a good framerate (30-60 FPS), but also experience annyoing (lighting?) effects that are very pixelated or low quality.


      Motherboard or System Make & Model
      HP Pavilion dv7 6b31ed

      Applications and Games

      Diablo 3: ROS


      CPU Details

      Intel Core i7-2670QM

      System Memory Type & Amount

      DDR3 (SODIMM) 8GB

      Additional Details
      Clean install Windows 10, Everything working perfectly, EXCEPT Diablo 3. Also tried 15.7 drivers.

        • Re: Pixelated lighting effects in Diablo 3 with 15.10

          Issue resolved by editing D3Prefs.txt file.

          Diablo3 only detects the power saving GPU in Windows 10 + dynamic switching mode:


          2015.11.04 19:31:16.903501600****** Graphics Device Info ******
          2015.11.04 19:31:16.904444100aticfx32.dll

          Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000


          2015.11.04 19:31:16.905279600Driver Version
          2015.11.04 19:31:16.906147100VendorID = 0x8086, DeviceID = 0x116


          And then sets the HardwareClass to "2" in D3Prefs.txt file. I changed this to value "4" and the game looks great now. The amount of FPS seems to remain unchanged.

          However I Still find it weird that it picks the power saving GPU by default even though CCC tells it to use the performance GPU. What's even worse is that the Driver version listed there doesn't match the actual driver version in dxdiag and device manager...