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How to fix image tearing/flickering with flgrx drivers on Ubuntu 14.04 &15.10

Question asked by jpavic on Nov 2, 2015


Last week I bought a Lenovo z51-70. It's an notebook with i3 & AMD r7 m360. As OS I installed Ubuntu 15.10 but when I were whatching movies I have Image tearing/flickering. As default Ubuntu uses open drivers and I tryed to change to flgrx drivers but situation was the same. How can I fix the image tearing/flickering with flgrx drivers? I asked on ASKUbuntu but no one helped me.

Then I tryed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and I had no Image tearing/flickering with open drivers but I had it again with flgrx drivers.So again how can I fix it? I see that on amd website is a available new version of the driver how can I correctly install it?