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    How to Enable Freesync on HP Envy 32 Media Display N9C43A


      How do I enable Freesync in this HP Envy 32 Media Display. I dont get the option in CCC. I switched displayport to 1.2 on the OSD menu, and enabled and disabled Video OverDrive on and off. Is there another setting i need to enable or disable. I chatted with HP support but they want me to pay for their Smartfriend Technician just to be able to figure out how to turn on a feature that is not even mentioned in their manual.  Any help will be appreciated, I know its a fairly new product so there is not a lot of information available online.

      I  am running Windows 10 64 bit with AMD  Radeon R9 390 running  Catalyst 15.10 Beta Graphics Driver connected to displayport.