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    Second monitor not being detected


      Hi so about 3 hours ago I bought a new ASUS pc with AMD radeon R9 370 and it won't detect my second monitor I used the exact same two monitor on my old computer but the new one won't detect the one plugged in by VGA the one plugged in by a HDMI cable is working fine but that's it I tried all basic stuff updating drivers , looking on google , support forums trying a lot of solutions that worked for others , restarting my pc , unplugging and plugging in the vga cable the vga cable before HDMI , windows updates all that stuff nothing seems to be working if anyone could help me out here that would be great life without a second monitor is not the easy

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          Yes i also am having the same problem. I just picked up a 23in cheap monitor but when i first hooked it up it worked. but like my second monitor is set up to my left but the mouse would have to go off the screen to my right to go to the screen on my left. so i went into the settings to try and change how the mouse would go to that other screen. and now i have no idea what i must've done but the second screen shut off and the card wont recognise it any more. on top of that it seems like my puter knows it's there but somehow it's all messed up now.