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Radeon R9 380 - can't do cell shading correctly: renders Telltale Game of Thrones with thick black edges

Question asked by disappointed_amd_customer on Nov 1, 2015

As the title says. I recently bought a new graphics card (AMD Radeon R9 380), installed all the latest beta drivers (15.10) under Windows 10 and the first game I was looking forward to completing further: Telltale A Game of Thrones was a severe disappointment. Instead of cell shading there are just thick black borders.


All previous threads on this issue have been ignored by AMD it seems (and by Telltale).


As it stands this was the third AMD graphics card for me, and after years of defending AMD againt Nvidia customers, as I felt AMD always offered a better deal and more bang for the proverbial buck (well euro's in my case) I am now going to give up as I've just thrown away €250 on a graphics card that can't play the first game that I wanted to play on it. I fear I'm going to have to reconsider my opinion and perhaps change the "colour" of my graphics card in the future.