long cards and the corsair carbide 300r

Discussion created by hardcoregames™ on Nov 1, 2015

I own the Corsair Carbide 300R chassis and its able to cope with any long card out there easily.;


The problem is when I want to run 2 cards I find some Radeon cards to be so long they do not fit


My EVGA GTX 660 Ti is 9½" length, 4⅜" full height, dual slot so its easy to stuff into my chassis 3 at a time


My Sapphire HD 6970 is much longer thanks in part to the aftermarket cooler on it. The OEM fan was 10½" length long, while the more recent HD 7970 is 11" long


I was able to fit a pair of GTX 260 cards in the 300R and they are 10½" length but the cables were very tight to manage


So I guess I need to watch a bit to avoid cards that have triple fans but I noticed some dual fan cards were rather long too


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