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Black Screen Issues after updating to 15.71 Catalyst Drivers

Question asked by luciusmalfoy on Nov 1, 2015

Well, I have a 290X and now after updating to the latest driver, I get a black screen upon booting up my computer, until it gets to the Windows login screen. It's not completely black screen, my MOBO bios info pops up, but not the screen where it has the black background and the white text giving you the computer info and whatnot, that is totally black for me, until the Windows login screen.


Now, as to what I have tried to remedy this situation, I have uninstalled all drivers, and reverted back to 15.7 (this included using DDU and deleting all the AMD/ATI subfolders and in the registry) and I have also tried reverting back to earlier drivers, but nothing seems to work. I have reset my BIOS to factory settings, and nothing has worked. So now, I have reinstalled Windows 10. It somehow has had no effect. I'm about to go back to Windows 7, but I just don't understand what could be going on here. If I'm going back to how it was before, and reinstalling my entire OS, did the new drivers somehow permanently damage my card? I never had this problem, not once, before the new driver update. Now, every time I boot my computer, it is black screen until the Windows 10 login info shows up.


Would really appreciate some help on this. Thanks a lot.