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Multiple BSOD's, sporadic spontaneous restarts under graphics load

Question asked by golux_ironheart on Nov 1, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by t77chevy

I've had this computer for a little over 2 years now, have had some random BSOD's but couldn't figure out the reason. Back early this year my PSU died on me. I went and had a new stronger one installed at Best Buy. Since that point I still get the BSOD's (sometimes when starting up, shutting down, or running a program so no specific time). New problem now though is that after a certain amount of time playing a game, my computer well just randomly restart on me (In a similar way as to when my PSU died, but these times it starts right back up). I've noticed that if I shut my computer off when I'm not using it, I have a much longer amount of time before it does this when I do use it. This become a problem on my weekend, however, when I'm on it for extended periods of time. I can use the computer normally no problem it seems, but when I'm playing a game (or after an episode, testing my GPU's using Furmark, GPU-z or OCCT) I've run with only one GPU (swapping out the two I have), have lessened the settings in my games, etcetera and nothing really seems to work (Lengthen the amount of time that I have to play sure, but my wife did just preorder fallout 4 for me so I'd like to be able to run that without an issue) I'm not sure where else to look, so could I please get a hand?


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