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15.10 Beta drivers R9 390 Windows 10 memory leak, huge nonpaged pool.

Question asked by atrayyou on Nov 1, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2015 by kingfish

About a month ago now, I updated my R9 390 drivers to 15.10 beta as previously all other drivers were resulting in crashing in DX11 software.  I recently noticed that I was getting max memory usage and stuttering in Dota 2 32 bit mode (the 64 bit version won't run on any drivers to this day) and decided to investigate.  I found out that my nonpaged pool (used for drivers) was absolutely huge (over 2GB) and combined with running Opera, Skype and Spotify in the background this was enough to fill up my 8GB RAM.  Not ideal.  I tried some other games and it turns out this is a wider issue than I thought; all games were suffering from high memory usage, with some being worse than others.  Warhammer 40K Regicide is a notable example as along with maxing out my RAM it also has half my 10GB page file fill up at the same time.  Most other games will hover around 90% RAM usage with an empty page file, but this still resulted in FPS loss and lag when alt tabbing or using any other apps.  Search in the start menu was practically unusable in this state, for whatever reason.  Having decided to investigate the cause of the leak in DriverView, I found that the atikmdag.sys, a component of the AMD graphics drivers, was taking up the most RAM by far, with a size twice that of the next biggest driver.  I reinstalled the drivers, no dice.  When monitoring nonpaged pool on bootup, it hovers around 150MB for a few seconds before instantly jumping up to 1.2GB.  This event, as I suspected, coincides with atikmdag.sys appearing at the top of the list in DriverView.  This leak (if that's what it is), to be very clear, is NOT linked to my Killer networking drivers, as changing that registry value, updating or even uninstalling those drivers has absolutely no effect on the leak.  Any help or advice would be much appreciated, as I'm past the period in which I can revert to Windows 7, and I really don't want to reinstall Windows, because I have a LOT of games installed right now.