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No signal while playing games

Question asked by dvdmcwilliams on Oct 31, 2015

Well my problem is the following: when i start minecraft (for example, the same happens with other games, fifa, etc), i play 2 or 3 minutes, then the screen goes black, then the monitor says no signal, after a few seconds, the signal comes back, but the game crash, even worst if i listening music from youtube while playing, the signal goes, then comes back but theres a sound glitch and cannot listen nothing, just noises,

my specs: radeon hd7750 (sapphire), core2duo e7500, 4gb of ram, lg led ips 23ea53, conected with hdmi cable, psu (generic) sentey 600w, windows 7 64bits and CCC 15.20.1062.1004, please i need help asap to know what could happen, and how to solve this problem, thanks in advance!!!


Btw, i tried to install the before last catalyst, i even reinstalled the windows, but the same happens.