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    Ugly videos: Noise and Grain



      I have a problema with my graphic card. In games and pc graphics, it Works perfect. And in YouTube videos too, but when playing videos, films, it show lots of noise (grain).

      Those videos in another pc or laptop, Works perfect and in the tv directly, they work perfect too.

      It happen in both conection, HDMI and DVI. I tested another pc with these monitor and TV and work perfect.

      Can you give me any solution? I tested diferent multimedia players in the pc, codecs, settings in catalyst and I cant solve it.

      I add two potos to show you the problema, the woman one, is a YouTube video that havent the noise, the second one, is a film with 30GB 1080p and looks ugly.

      I teste lots of videos and the result always the same, my pc looks awful and other pcs and the tv directly is perfect.