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R9 390 nitro driver display crashes and recovers on games and on desktop

Question asked by brodsta2620 on Nov 1, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by brodsta2620

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I have been having the same issue since the card was installed back in July of this year and I've been having the same issues as a lot of other users with this card. The drivers crash both in games like Company of heroes 2 and just watching YouTube in Google chrome. It also has been known to do it just on my desktop.


I have tried the following to fix

  • DDU and re installed all drivers
  • New Hard drive
  • Changed TDR Regedit value
  • Updated Windows
  • Updated all other drivers for the PC
  • Tried to get help from windows, SEGA and Relic
  • disabled ULPS in msi afterburner
  • Under-clocked Vram


I have tried a lot of different things from what I can tell its a AMD driver and/or Direct X11 issue. Does anyone have any ideas or can help me out here?



(All Events and PC specs attached)