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No audio in HDMI windows 10 - LG Plasma TV 42PX4RV

Question asked by on Nov 1, 2015
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So this all started when I upgraded to Win 10 from Win 8. I usually connect my HP laptop (with AMD A10-5750 2.5 GHz) to my LG plasma TV model no. 42PX4RV.

The HDMI audio output used top work fine in earlier version of the Windows. Now after the update, the payback device listed is 1 - LG TV with description AMD High Definition Audio Device. I have updated the driver to latest one when the audio didn't work on TV, nut no use. When I right click on this device and choose "Test" It says "Failed to play test sound"!


I'm on this for last about 2-3 hours without any success. Has anyone found a solution to this yet?