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    E_outofmemory error


      I am getting E_outofmemory error in Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield 4, Battlefield 3, Medal of honor: Warfighter.


      I have 4 r9-290x.  doesn't matter if I select 1 gpu 2, 3 or all 4


      with windows 10 default windows update driver install  I get device hung,  "badly formed commands"   after update to 15.10beta  I get "E_outofmemory"


      I have 16GB physical ram, with a 256GB page file just for the hell of it incase any memory leak.


      Medal of honor crashes "e_outofmemory"  just after loading map..  the odd thing is if theres less then 7 players on the server I connect to. it plays.  ***???



      Someone please shed some light,  this is way too much money thown into this rig for not a damn thing working.

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          Fire strike, Valley, Heaven benchmarks work 100% with all 4 cards.


          these games seem to all crash in the exact same spot.   Steam game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare crashes on first cutscene  no error given.   Pagefile doesn't matter what size i set it at.. crash the same time regardless of no page or 256GB page.   Card memory tests are positive.  no errors.  System memory no errors.  Battlefield hardline won't load with 3 cards or more.   no error code given...  after looking in msinfo  its giving me atidxx64.dll

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              3770K  4.7  water

              Asus Maximus V Extreme water "bios 1903"

              2133 G.Skill Sniper 16GB

              1TB Samsung 850 Evo

              4xR9-290x BF4 ed.  Water

              Windows 10 x64

              Soundblaster X-fi surround pro USB

              120hz Acer 3D bmii



              Every component runs extremely cool under 5 radiators.  Heat is definitely not an issue.  I even physically disabled pcie lanes to determine the slim chance an issue.


              all cards tested good.