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Black glitchy video few secs from start ?

Question asked by nitoniwatori on Oct 30, 2015
Facebook/Youtube Videos start out Glitchy AMD Radeon? | Yahoo Answers



I try to find the way to fix this problem without re-install whole of my system ... it's sound like this happen when I update my driver and even I uninstall roll it back to version that used to work... it won't help
I really have no clue what I did wrong ... but it really none of information / explanation about this error / problem ... how it happen and why it won't for some system ?


All peoples said the same thing " Turn off video acceleration " this is not Fix .... it lost performance to render high resolution video ...
someone with experience and understanding in this particular problem please help ... at least tell me what I did wrong or my system is exploited by something ?


Don't say stay do not update driver ... it's not the way fix the problem

what I have tried so far

- Uninstall driver and clean it's registry/files via 3rd party (included official from AMD) try many versions (if it happen once no matter version problem will still on ... it's hard here because problem occurred in same version of driver and I still don't have time to track down what really is the key of this problem)

- play around all settings of driver ... took hours to do this with all combination of setting it really sick when you doing nothing but got this problem by unknown thread and having little information about this none of them can explain " cause " for this..

Only re-install whole system is worked ... and this is not productivity way .. since I have tons of work in my system and it cost me weeks to reinstall whole thing and config everything ...


Please help... Thanks
-Nito Niwatori