What would you like to see from AMD's 2015 "Special Edition" drivers next month?

Discussion created by black_zion on Oct 29, 2015
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It's been confirmed that AMD is working on a special edition driver package for release in November, akin to the Omega driver package last year.


Second Iteration of Special Edition Drivers Incoming from AMD in November - Will Include Significant Updates to Catalyst


Nobody knows what it has since AMD is being tight lipped, and since there isn't a large performance gap between Geforce and Radeon drivers the way there were last year (frame time percentiles, for example), nobody is quite sure what massive changes there will be, so what would you all like to see? I'd like:


  • A completely revamped Catalyst Control Center rewritten from the ground up to not be so resource heavy, have a more modern feel to it, and have a touchscreen friendly mobile skin.
  • VSR extended to all GPUs and APUs which would heavily benefit low resolution tablets.
    • For example, my 11 inch tablet with a 1368x768 resolution and a A4-1200 APU cannot use VSR, though having it would be a vast improvement.
  • A much improved overclocking section incorporating a custom fan speed curve option so third party tools will not have to be used.
  • A clean uninstaller
    • This has been confirmed to be coming, but no date was given.
    • Seriously, almost 500mb uncompressed and half that compressed. Optimization needs to be done.