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Why is Carrizo much slower than Richland?

Question asked by aaronamduser on Oct 30, 2015
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I have the AMD FX 8800P in an HP Envy and it is over 10 times slower (5 minutes vs 20 seconds) at completing an identical task in pymol compared to my older AMD A8 5550M APU laptop also an HP Enzy.  I am wondering if there is any reason for this and is AMD doing something to fix it.  For comparison the Richland 5550M completes the task in about the same time as an Intel Xeon E5 CPU.  It's frustrating owning a laptop that was advertised as a power house only for it to be so slow it's almost unusable.    I should also point out that the task in question is fully placed on the CPU and the GPU is completely removed the equation.  Finally the task uses two cores and the Richland and Carrizo show max CPU clocks on two cores.