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convert me to amd gpus

Question asked by sinizter on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2015 by black_zion

so i recently broke my old Samsung 24inch display and went shopping and got a MG279Q now i didnt really care about the whole freesync/gsync ordeal it was a pritty monitor and because i played games like dota 2 ect with no real issue of screen tearing ect. now im playing actual games and having massive dramas with screen tearing.  now the dilemma i have a nvidea gpu, im not going to say im biased but the last time i had a radeon card was back in 9600xt territory. and the amount of fan service nvidea produce like game this , utra that, amazing this, optimised that , only for nvidea ect ect. make me really really scared about moving and the reviews/ scores shown for gpus like the fury x are not amazing and if i buy one i dont want to feel dissapointed and having a issue of god say it amd nto making graphics cards because they cant compete . 




option 1 : am i a stupid human being and just go and buy a fury x and enjoy freesync and nvidea fan service is just crap
option 2 : give my missus the freesync monitor and buy a gsync unit
option 3  cry in the corner