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    First time AMD user bought Sapphire 390X freezes


      Using latest beta drivers and I thoroughly cleaned previous Nvidia driver with DDU.


      Most games stutter/freeze for like a second every 5 to 7 seconds or so it freezes quickly and resumes. The weird thing is it seems to sort itself out over time after a few min. Why is this happening?

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          I don't know why you people still buy 390 & 390x !! Every owner of those cards is reporting crashes and stuttering , even sites that benchmarking video cards reported " driver crash happened so often" yet , you guys keep on buying those cards and come here complain , I bet you got fooled by the 8G of memory and the price .


          This card gave AMD nothing but a massive headache, They are trying to figure out what's wrong but it seems that everything is wrong with the 3xx , The other cards are doing fine  such as the fury.


          So, until they completely fix the card , Don't buy it.

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              Every owner sounds a bit too dramatic don't you think I've seen a ton of positive feedback from people on www.overclock.net owning 390/390X cards. The 300 Series cards especially the high end cards are good cards nowadays I don't know what you are talking about. When they came out they were some driver issues related with Windows 10 and it took them a long time to fix that. Yes the 300 Series had a rough start back then and most of the reviews are based around that time frame. Try and find some reviews closer to the date we have now. I'm sure you will find a lot of positive feedback.  I play at 1440p 144hz and these days games use up a lot of VRAM. GTA V for example when I play uses close to 4 gigs of VRAM. I won't be buying another GPU for a two years atleast and I feel like 4GB of VRAM won't be enough for me. The 390 is faster and cheaper than the 970.


              I've send back the card and will be getting a replacement.


              Do you mind linking me those reviews?