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BSOD Problem with ASUS X53BR AMD E450 + HD7400M

Question asked by lonewolf74it on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2015 by ar1hur

I have an ASUS X53B with Windows 8.1 64Bit, i upgrade Windows to version 10 and installation work.

When Windows install the AMD driver from Windows Update service i have a BSOD.

Windows start only in provisory mode, in normal mode do BSOD.

I enter in provisory mode end disable AMD HD6320 integrated and system start.

I can work with the integrate VGA disable or with Microsoft Base Driver, the HD7400 when i restart came with error.

I try driver 15.9, 15.9.1, 15.10 but with same error and try to format disk and reinstall Windows... nothing

In manual driver install i see that all driver package not have driver for HD6320, only for HD7400 that install fine but after have and asclamation point in perfiferical list