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    Strange lines on the screen


      Hi there, i have the following PC configuration:


      i7 4790k (stock)

      Asus Maximus VII Ranger

      Sapphire R9-290 Vapor-x OC

      Windows 10 64 bit

      Mouse Razer Taipan.


      My problem is as seen in this video: GPU or Windows driver problem with lines - YouTube

      I have strange lines showing on the screen from time to time (mostly while moving the mouse) while doing various tasks. It is not the monitor to blame since the same lines show up on TV also.

      Has anybody encountered this issue till now ?

      The lines appear no matter what driver i`m using.

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          Problem solved, asked Sapphire for a BIOS update file, they have sent me 2 files (1 UEFI BIOS , 1 Legacy BIOS) With the necessary files and instructions on how to update the BIOS. No more lines. It also solved some black screen issues that i had while booting up the PC in the morning when it was cold.



 - Old BIOS version.

 - New BIOS version.