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        I personally prefer and use the spybot one, though i feel that privacy is already becoming a farce concerning windows environment.

        But, i am becoming more worried as more major companies in the software/ gaming business try to take a piece of your freedom of choice or shrink your consumer and usage rights.


        Shall i remind you how ubi works these days ? Just take a brief look into the following article:



        I guess there is not such thing as a free meal, right ? There never was.

        Microsoft just wants what every large company aims for: an accurate consumer profile that can be fed with tailored ads and fictional needs to be covered by services and products paid by your wallet.... hence windows 10.

        Does it stop there ? Nope. I am afraid not.

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            unplug the internet if you want privacy

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                Well... sure.

                But that kinda falls to the "go live in the mountains" category, doesn't it ? Preferably in one that has not been stained by human or satellite control/ touch either...

                And that is not the point at all.

                I want "privacy" within the system.

                I want "personal rights" within the system.

                I demand (deserve ???) "respect" within the system.


                No ?

                Then i will (should ???) fight for a chance to change the system within. For my own interests, needs, ideals (or whatever) that i choose to protect.

                Definitely not to sacrifice any kind of objective or subjective freedom for the big companies to make extra profits.


                The "tools" supposedly are there for us users/ consumers to use them how we please.

                Not to have a "big brother" whenever i click on a window on my monitor.

                That i believe is more like a keylogger... You either knowingly use it beneficially for own logging/ troubleshooting purposes, or...