Will AMD add displayport 1.3 in arctic islands?  PLEASE do it AMD !!!!

Discussion created by sammael on Oct 27, 2015

I know amd is not allowed to talk about future products, and no one needs to.  Let this stand as a mere desperate plea from a desperate man for advancement next year on connectors.


Ideally, the next gpus for next year ought to have hdmi 2.0 and displayport 1.3 at a bare minimum, and I'd LOVE for the new amd gpus to add supermhl support as well since it seems to be the most advanced and best in terms of bandwidth (if you include it work to make an adaptive sync version please).


I don't care if zero tvs/monitors suport displayport 1.3 or supermhl.



4k@ 60Hz is not enough.  We need to at least have cards capable of outputting better without sacrificing color quality.


I want to be able to drive a display @



-4:4:4 chroma


-rec 2020 color

-12 bit color depth

-120Hz+ @ 4k



Let's have amd get ahead of the game, so that by the time oled tvs/monitors come down or in existence, we have the connectors worthy of the displays we all want.