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    Annoying screen tearing while video playback


      So I decided to move to Linux and of course set everything up. One of the things that annoyed me is that I get screen tearing while I'm watching videos in VLC or any video player. I'm not sure how it makes sense to get screen tearing with 24 FPS video while my screen refreshes 60 times per second, but it does.

      I have 2 GPU, an AMD GPU and an Integrated Intel GPU. I find switching to Intel fixing this problem but it's really annoying that I have to reboot to switch back when I decided to do graphics intensive tasks. For example, let's say I'm on Intel GPU and I get an invite on steam to play, I just have to make them wait while I reboot, so it's really not-the-best-workaround.

      Ok, how about I turn on vsync in AMD Control panel. Let's see... um..


      Oh wait, I can't for some reason. It's grayed out, not sure why. (Maybe we can also hope for a better control panel in the future instead of this... um... not-so-great panel?)


      I also tried doing some stuff in CompizConfig control center and didn't work, maybe I did something wrong.

      So anyway, you guys understand the situation. What's the best thing I can do?



      (I asked this on 2 other places, got no useful answer, maybe I can get something better straight from AMD forums? or I'm getting a graphics card from those guys with that green logo the next time I build a PC.)

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          Ok, so after enabling vsync in games, it still gives me screen tearing.


          Maybe I should just stick with Intel graphics for gaming anyway (for now) because there isn't that much of a performance difference between it and that dedicated AMD GPU anyway LOL

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            Due to tearing issue with proprietary driver, in general open source driver is only sane choice for laptops with AMD PowerXpress. So switch to open source driver, with it you will be able to use integrated GPU (as you said there is no tearing) and launch some applications on dedicated GPU, like this: DRI_PRIME=1 steam (dGPU will be power up/down automatically).

            For latest open source driver you will need Ubuntu or Kubuntu 15.10.


            This also could be useful:

            For hardware accelerated video decoding in VLC install VA-APi driver for your Intel GPU (i965-va-driver package) and choice VA-API in VLC settings (and OpenGL video output). You also could install gstreamer1.0-vaapi for hardware accelerated video decoding in Firefox.

            In latest Radeon open source driver in (K)Ubuntu 15.10 there is OpenGL 3.3. To get OpenGL 4.1 (some games need it) add Padoka PPA to you system, and do system update. Don't forget to do ppa-purge before upgrade to 16.04 (otherwise you get broken system after upgrade). With this PPA you also can install mesa-opencl-icd to get OpenCL 1.1 (without image processing support yet unfortunately).

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