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    Crossfire Zero Core disabled by something. Help :(



      When I boot into Windows a few programs start as normal but some seem to wake and keep awake my GPUs, Logitech Gaming thing and Raptr are 2 I know of. Seems like maybe .net or visual basics libs may be triggering it. I can disable these but if I then open say Creative SB Control Panel up they turn on again. I have had this problem for a while, from 8.1 to now 10 and countless reinstalls of Windows (love a good format). If anyone has a solution I would greatly appreciate it as its not practical to only open say my mouse program or sound program only to need to reboot. I need the for battery warnings on my mouse and for decent sound. My system is controlled by an Aquaero5 with a fairly advanced air cooling setup and custom loop water cooled CPU, and the case is noticeably more active. Plus its just a huge waste of energy.


      Windows 10


      Radeon 7950 and 7990: 7990GPU1 master, 7990GPU2 slave, 7950 slave. 15.7.1 driver (makes no difference with latest beta or past 14s I have had)

      Not sure what other info would help.



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          In response to Kingfish as it seems to have been deleted.

          I could disable these two programs yes, I don't use raptr unless I'm recording and now keep it closed due to the problem. Windows wont read battery levels from the Logitech mouse, thus it will likely die when I'm gaming or something. If I open Aquasuite or something else that's low level then I will still have the same problem. The answer isn't to just not run anything.

          Another more pressing issue is having Crossfire enabled when I want it disabled via CCC in certain applications that Crossfire conflicts with.