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Crossfire Zero Core disabled by something. Help :(

Question asked by tomtalk24 on Oct 27, 2015
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When I boot into Windows a few programs start as normal but some seem to wake and keep awake my GPUs, Logitech Gaming thing and Raptr are 2 I know of. Seems like maybe .net or visual basics libs may be triggering it. I can disable these but if I then open say Creative SB Control Panel up they turn on again. I have had this problem for a while, from 8.1 to now 10 and countless reinstalls of Windows (love a good format). If anyone has a solution I would greatly appreciate it as its not practical to only open say my mouse program or sound program only to need to reboot. I need the for battery warnings on my mouse and for decent sound. My system is controlled by an Aquaero5 with a fairly advanced air cooling setup and custom loop water cooled CPU, and the case is noticeably more active. Plus its just a huge waste of energy.


Windows 10


Radeon 7950 and 7990: 7990GPU1 master, 7990GPU2 slave, 7950 slave. 15.7.1 driver (makes no difference with latest beta or past 14s I have had)

Not sure what other info would help.