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    Medal of Honor: Warfighter - E_OUTOFMEMORY issue


      Good day,


      I'm having an issue with MOHW., I hope anyone can help me and the whole MOHW community out with this issue. Thanks in advance.


      Graphics Card

      AMD Radeon R9 280x - Club3D Royalking
      No overclocking is done.

      AMD Catalyst Driver Version, and Driver History
      - Current driver:  Beta driver 15.10

      - I got this issue since the windows 10 compitable drivers.

      Operating System
      - Windows 10 Home, 64-bit
      - No issues with windows 7.

      Issue Details

      I got this issue in MOHW or Medal of Honor: Warfighter. When I try to enter the multiplayer menu the game crashes and gives the error E_OUTOFMEMORY. I get this error the first second I'm in the MP menu and have to exit the game.


      I never go this issue on Windows 7 and other people havent got this on Windows 8.1 either.


      I have everything almost maxed out. But even when I put everything on the lowest setting I still got the error.


      I have tried to delete every spot of AMD software with your Uninstall utility. Rebooted and cleaned my registry with CCleaner after. Rebooted again and tried playing the game with Microsoft Display Driver. This time it worked, with horrible FPS in the menu.


      So this brought me to the conclusion it must be an issue with the driver.



      Photo of the error.



      The threat in the Battlelog forums where why try to discover the issue.

      Cant play the game a - Forums - Battlelog / MOHW

      Applications and Games
      - The bug is occuring in MOHw only for me. A lot of other people has this issue too.
      - No idea what version of the game it is. The game has been abandoned 1 month after release. This doesn't mean this issue shouldnt be patched ofcouse. The game is still active.

      CPU Details
      - Intel core I5- 4670 @ 3.40 GHz

      - Not overclocked.


      8GB @ 1333 MHz



      I'm Sorry, don't know. Its an MSI PC Mate motherboard. It doesn't get sold anymore so I can't find the excact one.