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processors and ram max speed

Question asked by tetrodotoxine on Oct 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2015 by jimster480

Hi everybody,


In a close future i will change my PC. For now i never used AMD processors and want to try it.

I searched the web informations about a cool config and to increase my knowledge about AMD products.

Now i have  really and very big questions about AMD processors :


Why these products have max speed ram 1866Mhz ? => DDR3 memory frequency guide

And why it's decreasing with numbers of used slots ?

Can someone explain me the use of ram frequency ?


When i see a bench like this : CPU : DDR4 vs DDR3 en pratique - Intel Core i7-6700K, i5-6600K et Z170 : Skylake en test - i'm surprised with AMD specifications.

Now I have a doubt about my knowledge of the RAM and the choice of frequencies because i'm saying to myself AMD has a really good reason to not use higher frequencies especially with the latest processors ? Right ?

I need a captain obvious !

Seriously i wish someone could explain me why