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In cabal 2 HUGE fps drop from win7 to win10

Question asked by on Oct 26, 2015

I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10, and noticed low fps, Okay, must be the driver. Used DDU to uninstall vid driver and reinstalled 15.7.1 Same results, uninstalled again with DDU installed 15.7 same results, and again with 14.4 none of these three versions let me get above 30fps in low populated areas, in the main towns was lucky to get 20 fps and this is on the lowest settings.

Video card: Radeom r9 290x 4gig

Here are the things I have done to try and fix it:

Made sure power mode was on highest in power options, and in bios. Overclocked video card.

Clean install, formatted and installed windows 10, Disabled windows update via "programs" because it kept wanting to update the 15.7 or 14.4 driver.

I did a clean install ( i know i did not need to each driver change, but what the hell could not think of anything else to try) each time I changed drivers.

I changed settings in the CCC to no avail, the most I could get was 35 fps in low populated areas, this only lasted for a few mins then dropped.

I hope this is a known issue with AMD cards, and gets fixed soon, otherwise I will end up going back to the N word n n nvidia, or just going back to windows 7 until this gets fixed.

In Windows 7 on the lowest settings I could get 60fps anywhere in game, on med or higher it dropped down to around 40fps in highly populated areas.

I also thought It might be the game engine not being optimized for windows 10 and dx12 stuffs, but Same luck on Farcry and Diablo3. It is like I am playing on a laptop with intergrated graphics.. its that bad.

I also came across a post somewhere saying that the xbox live vid recording might have something to do with it, so I disabled that setting.. I think it is only for xbox games, but hey I am desperate Willing to try almost anything. If anyone has same problem, or had the problem and fixed it help out please.


6 core 3.5mhz amd

16gig ram


4gig radeon r9 290x


not a high end machine, nor is it near being low end.. uppder middle end imo.