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sb950 raid

Question asked by joelalock on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by yurtesen

I think that this is complete BS that AMD will not even acknowledge this problem. I recently built a new system with an Asus M5A99fx pro R2.0 and an AMD FX 9590. I had already done an install of windows with a Samsung Evo850 ssd and decided that I wanted to add another ATI Radeon HD6970 and run crossfire so I decided what the heck, lets buy another EVO and run raid 0.




I guess it's my fault for reading the motherboard manual and being under the understanding that I could run raid 0 with 2 ssds. I mean, WHERE does it say that you can not?


So, AMD, why don't you reimburse me the almost $100 that I spent on the extra EVO 850?


Well, I don't really expect you do do this, nor do I expect this thread to stay on your site long! BUT, I do know one thing for sure...I will NEVER buy anything else that says AMD!


So, in closing, thanks for screwing everyone else that has tried this, and thanks for never even trying to come up with a solution when it's so easy to ignore it!