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Radeon HD 6310 and eMachines E19T6W monitor problems

Question asked by snowshed on Oct 27, 2015

eMachines E19T6W monitor

  1. History unknown, but works great for picture quality
  2. Can't find any kind driver on eMachines/Gateway sites


Compaq XC8467UT Small Form Factor Computer

  1. History unknown, also working well after HD replacement
  2. Computer came with Win 7 Pro installed, updated to Win 10 taking advantage of the free update


Current Radeon driver installed is 15.201.1151.0  If memory serves, this is the current beta version of the driver software.  I could not get the released driver to work properly, nor the driver that MS Updates installs using the update process.  Apologies, I hadn't realized the difficulties I was going to have, so did not record the MS driver information.


I cannot get the display to be properly positioned when the system is turn on.  As long as the system is not powered down, the display remains properly positioned on the monitor.


When the system is first powered up, the display appears to be properly positioned in the display.  (Hard to tell due to the default wallpaper at this point.)  In 1-2 seconds, the display will shift upward about 1/2", and to the left about 1/2", essentially shoving a small portion of the display off the left and top edges of the screen where it is not viewable.


Click on the initial screen, the login screen appears, and the display is very obviously pushed to the left and up, obviously not where it belongs.


The monitor has an auto process feature, which is available via the On Screen Display.


Login to any account.  At some point, something triggers the auto process to activate, and the display is almost perfect.  I've not been able to determine exactly what the trigger or triggers are.  When the auto process is triggered again, the display position is perfect.  Exactly where it should be, which can be determined by maximizing a window and checking to see of all edges of the window are displayed.

Manually force the monitor to do the auto processing 2 times using the OSD after logging in, and the display is properly positioned.


Anyone have ideas on how to get the display where it belongs when the system first powers up?  I'm willing to try an older driver and Catalyst system, but I don't seem to be able to find a place on AMD's site to download one.