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    Primary Display Changes Resolution When I Disable my Secondary Display


      Hi, I have a Sapphire Radeon R9 290 Vapor-X OC just upgraded to AMD Catalyst 15.10 Beta-64bit. I'm running two monitors one via a HDMI to VGA converter and one by a DP to VGA converter.

      The monitor connected to HDMI is a 16:10 capable of 1680 x 1050

      The monitor connected to DP is a 4:3 capable of 1280 x 1024


      I'm running W10 64 BIT


      All works great EXCEPT when I disable the 4:3 - so I can play a game with no lost FPS for the unused display - the primary display jumps to 1080P resolution. I can still display a desktop O.k. as I have VSS enabled, but it is a pain to have to keep switching the resolution back again.


      Any idea why this is happening?