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Drivers stopped working laptop Windows 7 Radeon HD 7400M Series

Question asked by vasemir on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by kingfish

Recently I just got info about how I dont have any drivers installed, although I've reinstalled and updated everything about 3 days earlier due to problems with one game.

So now I have no working drivers and installing neither old, nor new ones helps. What is more, Windows started to show me two different graphic cards - Radeon HD 7400M Series in one place (like AMD Catalyst AutoDetect or in Windows Device Manager) or Radeon HD 6490M, when I try to solve problem through Device Manager -> RMB -> actualize driver. I saw similar thing in topic that was not anwsered: Unable to update Radeon 6470m on Vaio laptop. After update the name of driver changes to Radeon 7400m and stops working. Solution?


I've already tried reinstalling, using older drivers version, I've used CCleaner, I haven't tried to update to Windows 10.



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